Are you thinking of breaking your lease? What you need to know

By Tayla Jenner

As per your signed lease agreement if you vacate the property before your lease expires you will be breaking your lease. You will be required to pay rent until a new tenant is approved or your lease expires, whichever comes first. You will be charged a break lease fee calculated on the weeks left in your lease (formula set by Tenancies). For example, a tenant with 12 weeks left in their lease on a 12 month lease agreement paying $250 per week, can be charged roughly $115.38.

What you need to do if you are going to break your lease;

1)       Notify us in writing by filling out the vacate notice at Reception or by emailing your intention to break your lease, and the date you will be vacating. Follow this up with a phone call if necessary.

2)       We will then notify your landlord and have the property re-advertised to start the search for a new suitable tenant.

3)       Once we receive interested prospective tenants we will contact you to make a time to show them through the property.

4)       Once a new tenant has been approved by the landlord, we will notify you, however the new tenant is only finalised to end your lease when they sign the lease agreement. You will be notified at this stage as well.

5)       If you return the keys prior to us securing a new tenant you will still be liable for garden maintenance and cleanliness of the property. If you move out of town and can’t attend we will appoint our contractors and the invoice will be charged to you.

6)       Once a new tenant has been secured and the keys are returned to the office, we will conduct your final inspection and we will notify you ASAP of the outcome.

7)       Once all rent and accounts are paid, your bond can be refunded.

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